Windows Azure for PHP and Java

Historically Microsoft’s Professional Developer Conference (PDC) is the pre-eminent developer conference for Microsoft technologies, and while that remains true, you may have noticed this year’s session titles included technologies like “PHP” and “Java” – typically with “Azure” in close proximity.  Although there’s a lingering perception of Microsoft as ‘closed’ and ‘proprietary’, Windows Azure is actually the most open of any of the cloud Platform-as-a-Service vendors today, and recent announcements solidify that position.

altYou might have seen my post on the Azure Companion a few weeks ago, and today at PDC there were even more offerings announced providing additional support for Java and PHP in the cloud:

  1. The Windows Azure tools for Eclipse/Java, an open source project sponsored by Microsoft, and developed and released by partner Soyatec.  We expect them to make a Community Technology Preview of the Windows Azure tools for Eclipse/Java available by December 2010.
  2. Release of version 2.0 of the Windows Azure SDK for Java, also from Soyatec.
  3. November 2010 CTP of the Windows Azure Tools for Eclipse/PHP as well the November 2010 CTP of the Windows Azure Companion.
  4. The launch of a new website dedicated to Windows Azure and PHP.

All of the sessions at PDC are available online, so if you’re looking for more details on using PHP or Java in the cloud, check out these sessions (and actually let me know as well!):

Developing PHP Applications on the Windows Azure Platform

Open in the Cloud: Windows Azure and Java

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