Computers sometimes fail. Have your plan B.

Just to share my recent experience with a sudden death of one of my Solid State Drives. You never know when it hits Sad smile So be prepared for your Plan B. Sometimes slowly faulting hardware could give you small hints - please don’t ignore them. But sometimes you could be caught by surprise while opening your laptop with “no boot device” message as I was.

From a demo perspective – have a cloud backup or at least screenshots of your demo or an export of the image on another drive so you can import it and keep rolling in case your other drive fails.

Data. Well – I learned the hard way – now I use Intellimirror (feature of Windows) if your company offers that – here is a case-study from Microsoft IT. The Intellimirror just mirrors your data to a server location while you still have them available offline (in our case it’s the Documents folder).


Another trick includes syncing the Microsoft OneNote (I use it extensively for all my notes) to your SharePoint my site or any other preferred location. And of course scheduling a backup is a must. All of you have a backup schedule, right?

The above could be obvious – but sometimes the fact that “things” work well for a long time makes us forget about plan B. BTW do you have a Backup Plans for your home computer(s)?

Enjoy the Turkey for those in the US, for the rest of the world have a great rest of the week!