PC14: What an awesome event!

I hope Project Conference 2014 was great for everyone! Here is a small flashback from the event.

  PC14 0007  PC14 0004

We started with following the big game in the expo hall and had a great time! 

 PC14 1055  PC14 1114  PC14 1128  PC14 1124

Jared, Ludo and Sajan Kicked off Monday with keynote – great demos and surprising announcements!

 PC14 2013  PC14 2016  PC14 2028 PC14 2047  PC14 2072  PC14 2080

We had over 130 stunning sessions!

 PC14 3004  PC14 1004  PC14 3012

Many partners on the show floor!

 PC14 1065  PC14 1115  PC14 1035

And of course a GREAT party in sold out House of Blues!!!

 PC14 3148  PC14 3150  PC14 3127  PC14 3099 PC14 3066  PC14 3080  PC14 3091  PC14 3114

All other photos available here http://www.jankalis.com/PC14/n-XZ36s/. Please note all photos are property of Microsoft.


Hope you enjoyed all of it!

Have safe travel back to your homes and families!