Project Conference 2014 Session Proposals Acceptance Update

Dear Project community – we are announcing the ~75% of all the Project Conference session 2014 today!

We have finished final triage of sessions last week – and we are pleased that we figured a way how to fit ~75 sessions into 60 slots... Yes – you did impressive work with submitting sessions, ideas and topics, we are trying our best to accommodate as much as possible!

I did submit a session – when do I learn about acceptance?

  • We have accepted over 50 session submissions from the Project community for immediate publishing! The list is available here  –  If you are in this list – your submission was accepted! CONGRATULATIONS!
  • We are proposing combining 8 session submissions with sessions led by Microsoft (those 8 speakers will hear from me today) – CONGRATULATIONS!
  • For 18 session submissions we have clarification questions we need to ask you – we will reach to you by 11/20/2013. Please note such sessions are tentatively accepted – we will decide if we will accept or decline based on clarification we will get from you.
  • Unfortunately due to capacity of the conference, we need to send rejection letters to over 140 session proposals, and we will do it by 11/20/2013

Thanks for a GREAT work everyone, looking for AWESOME #ProjConf!