To all Project Conference 2014 speakers – see you via Lync on Thursday 1/30/2014, 9am or 4pm PST !


Speakers – thanks for doing an outstanding job of working on your sessions, decks and demos for the Project Conference 2014! We are going thought session reviews with all of you now – during these we focus on the content and logistics, but not much on the form of speaking and presenting.

We do offer you FREE training session that will focus on the form of speaking and presenting because we want to make your session SHINE! It’s NEVER fun to be at the bottom of the evaluation list… We hope to see you all on 11/30/2014, we are giving you two options – choose which one suits you the most, the content will be identical.

The session details are below and already in your calendar – if you missed the invite, please send a note to and we will re-send or extend the invite! 

Let’s rock at #ProjConf!

Talk to you soon!

Title: Let your session shine at the Project Conference 2014!

Facilitators: Dux Raymond Sy, Tad Hass, Jan Kalis


Despite all three facilitators delivered hundreds of sessions, they still learn from every single one and they are here for YOU to share their best practices – and are ready to answer your questions! Join Dux, Tad and Jan as they facilitate this interactive 75 minute session to help you deliver your best session ever at the Project Conference 2014!

The session is divided into two parts – the first will provide key framework for delivering great session and the second is a panel discussion. Do you want to hear best practices connecting with the audience? Do you want to hear the most embarrassing moment they had on stage and how they recovered? Join us!


As you may know, it takes a lot of preparation and practice to be the public speaker you want to be. The ability to speak confidently and deliver a clear, concise and engaging presentation is what every presenter aims to achieve. 

In this interactive session, you’ll learn how to:

· Speak publicly in a convincing, confident and concise style

· Identify and apply key skills of effective public speaking

· Employ an effective four-step method to create presentation materials

· Develop the best approach for delivering technical demonstrations

· Keep the audience focused on you and your message

· Interactively open and close your presentation

· Panel discussion

· Q&A