EF POCO Adapter updated (v1.03)

I've just posted another round of updates to EF POCO Adapter based on feedback from users. This set of changes is focused on N-tier scenarios and detached entities (it adds missing wrappers for EF APIs and fixes behavior of existing ones).

Change log:

  • Added wrapper for ObjectContext.ApplyPropertyChanges() to IEntitySet<T>
  • Added wrapper for ObjectContext.Detach() to IEntitySet<T>
  • Fixed handling of detached/out-of-scope entities w.r.t lazy loading and attaching to other contexts. Lazy loading outside of scope will do nothing if the context had DeferredLoadingEnabled=false, otherwise will throw.
  • Added partial OnZZZCreated() methods on generated contexts, adapters and proxies to enable integration with 3rd-party extensions
  • Fixed code generation from EDMX.
  • EFPocoContext.EnableLazyLoading has been renamed to EFPocoContext.DeferredLoadingEnabled to better align with Linq to SQL and our plans for EF v2
  • Fixed adapter-POCO synchronization for complex types

The new release is here: https://code.msdn.microsoft.com/EFPocoAdapter/Release/ProjectReleases.aspx?ReleaseId=1580

Big thanks to everyone who sent me comments, bug reports and improvement suggestions for this release. This is very valuable feedback as it allows us to better understand user scenarios around POCOs for EF v2.