A Copy File Macro turned Add-In and other random thoughts

 I’ve been working on a Macro that turned
into an Add-In for VS that will do the same thing as “Copy Project” except it will
let people copy only selected files instead of the “all or nothing” copy project command
approach.  I wanted to have it done by
Monday… so here is a link
to my alpha
.  I’m no expert on extensibility
like Craig I just seem to find a lot of stuff VS is missing that isn’t that hard to

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One of the excellent testers that works on my team is about to start a blog with testing
content! I just read the first entry on accessibility testing and I’m sure I’ll link
it as a must read for anyone who tests software once it is live. 


There is some training that is excellent and has the ability to completely change
the way you view your approach to your job.  Then
there are ones like the class I was stuck in all day today and will be for half of
the day tomorrow.  It’s not that the information
doesn’t have the ability to be of some value, it’s just that they could teach the
class in half a day.  There isn’t enough
material to warrant the time spent on this stuff.  The
class is called Precision Questioning and can be summed as follows: Direct conversations
through precise questions and appropriate drill downs that elicit concise answers
in order to gather information quickly.  Then
they try and waste time through explaining how you can use these techniques for critical


What you’ll notice, after taking this course, is that some people have the ability
to do this naturally (without the course).  It’s
my supposition that if you’re not really good at this naturally and you don’t have
a serious communication deficit then you probably won’t benefit from this class. And
there is no amount of training that is going to enable someone to be a better critical
thinker if they don’t have the natural strengths for it.  Hey,
there is still half a day left so maybe it will all be worth it in the end. J


To bad three years of being a tester has made me to pessimistic to believe that.  


“We’re not gay, we’re Metro-Sexual” – Southpark was back tonight. J


Where are my smart cards?  "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" />Right
now in my wallet I have cards for Blockbuster, REI, Subway, QFE (groceries), Albertsons
(groceries), Safeway (groceries), Petco, Microsoft,


, Insurance, driver’s license, and various credit/debit cards.  I
won’t touch on whether or not the “discount” cards breed customer loyalty or disdain,
but I do think it’s about time we have the one size fits all smart cards we have been
promised for so long now. 


iTunes for Windows blows away any other
media player/organizer on windows.  Not
bad for a first outing.  I love the smart
playlists and interaction with my Ipod.  Before
this all the other Ipod software would crash when I tried to sync anymore than 500
songs at once.  


It’s not too late; you can still join my Yankees World Series TV boycott.