A little Buzz about the Power Toys we Released

Yesterday I talked about the 1st batch of Power Toys released by the Developer Solutions team.  I also did some searching for feedback.  Here's the news I've found so far.  I'm hoping we'll get some more after we put up the Channel9 video and get real homepages up.

No need for Visual Studio 2003 anymore...finally 2005 ...The last months I was searching for a manner to create sharepoint webparts with the .net framework 1.1 with Visual Studio 2005. I like this editor more than the previous version, and I want only 1 editor on my laptop.

Web Part Project Template ...Days ago I wrote about how to use msbee to do webparts with Visual Studio 2005, now the toolkit guys have a beta version, I have spent the weekend doing some tests with this beta release and now I'm doing my webparts using Visual Studio 2005. In the beginning I was using the external tools menu to launch the msbuild process with apropiate targets, and later launching other tool with the sign assembly process, finally I have modified the .csproj file because at the moment for SharePoint 2003 I only need use the Net 1.1 framework. Also I added at the Postbuild event the sign assembly process.

Now Available... A while back I posted about MSBee, a VS2005 addin that will allow you to write & build CLR 1.1 projects in VS2005. Late yesterday, the MSBuild team DDCPX (Developer Division Customer Platform Experience) team released beta 1… time for more betas!

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