And the Kipmanisms are now public

Alex Kipman has a blog now! Knowing Alex, I've filed this post under the "community wins" category because I know you guys should enjoy his musings. He is an incredibly bright guy who is great to work with and has been the brains behind MSBuild. Good Times!
[Via Alex Kipman (Click for full post)]

...Anyways… I hope the contents of this blog are semi-useful and that every now and then I can provide you with some new learning experiences. If I’m real lucky I’ll provoke some thought and stir some controversy on rare occasions. If nothing else I can promise you some Kipmanisms1 which I am told are extremely funny.

I am genuinely thrilled, psyched and out of my shell proud about Whidbey, our new technology stack and of course I am beyond proud and excited about MSBuild. I think Whidbey will be a fantastic release and if you haven’t played with it yet… well what are you waiting for!?