Baking Scooby Snacks

Some people have noticed that over time my blogging style has changed. Stephane says “Take a break, you are scobleizing yourself. I don't want the guy who once posted great inspiring posts to become another low budget spitter. ;-)” My own wife chimed in (before deleting her own comment) to say “Well said. I've been telling Josh the same thing - but maybe he will listen to a reader. I've actually stopped reading his blog b/c I find it rather ... umm... boring and uninspired.” … ummm… ouch. Point taken.

I admit that I’ve been doing more high volume posts. This is an adjustment to the tools I’ve switched to. Six months ago I never would have posted a link with a short quote and a couple of sentences of my own because it would have taken me to long. Along came w::Bloggar with RSSBandit integration and now I was click away from sharing something I found interesting. So now I’m at another crossroads. I’ve become pretty proficient at this technique, but obviously there are some people who don’t see the value. I guess you get back what you put into something. Stephane responds again saying what I’ve been telling people they should be blogging about. “Share the strengths, perspectives, and expertise unique to you (or your team) that readers won’t find anywhere else. “

So I’m going to see what I can do to find that “inspiring” niche again in my new space of the PM world. I do, however, still have a lot of opinions I’d like to share across a broad set of subjects. I’m thinking that instead of making a lot of separate posts I’ll create a “Scooby Snacks” category for this and I’ll share multiple links in one post like a number of other people do. It won’t be unique, but hopefully it will be easier to filter for readers that want to ignore those posts and focus on what I hope to be more remarkable entries.

PS: To set proper expectations I still plan on “spitting” the “community wins” as their own posts because I’m also sending these around internally to highlight each one and I don’t want people to have to dig through the rest of a posts to find the win I’m referring to.