Bumped by Bill on Channel9

It's hard to get on Channel9 lately.  They've certainly come a long way from the days of begging and hard networking for content and interviews.  We filmed a video of our Scrum retrospective for Developer Solutions with demo's of the first three tools we've built.  We've about to have our second retrospective and we haven't been able to get our first one, from six weeks ago, onto channel9 yet. 

The video rotation seems pretty backed up... that or they just don't like our video.  Bill, however, can do an interview and have it on in less than a day and therefore bump the queue back.  :-) So, the video of our small, lowley team of real developers has now been bumped twice by Bill. 

If you'd like to watch our Scrum retrospective with demos three cool developer tools you can find it here.