Chris Sells on Posts and replies

I recently asked Chris to weigh in on the topic of NNTP, web forums, RSS, listserves, etc.  In short; he wants them all wrapped up into a neat little package. But here are some choice quotes from hist post:

“Newsgroups, mailing lists, web forums and blogs (with comments) are all very similar. Fundamentally, they'll all about posts and replies...Why do I have to suffer with the limitations of any one of these protocols just to hang out with my friends to talk shop?”

“I dont like newsgroups because I dont like having a separate reader”

“every single web forum has a vastly different UI and set of features and the inconsistencies bug me. On the other hand, web forums are pushing the envelope on features that I really want, like author and content ratings.”

“I love mailing lists, but dont want to duplicate any of the WinFX newsgroups in mailing lists just yet to avoid fracturing the budding developer community.”

“it's impossible to follow a thread of conversation between blogs or comments on other people's blogs.”

“ think we should pack all of the features of mailing lists, newsgroups, web forums and blogs into a single backend and expose it via HTTP, NNTP, SMTP/POP3 and RSS as appropriate.”

Via e-mail he asked “Can you make that happen? : )” I can only respond by saying I know it is possible and hopefully we won't be too far from your posting and replying nirvana soon. 

UPDATE - Some great comments from his readers as well @