Creating a simple multi-install package for your customers

If you've downloaded something like the "Google Pack" in the past and wanted something like that for your companies products. Something that, with a small footprint, lets users pick and choose a suite of components to install, downloads the requested components on request, and installs them all in one swoop.  Then I'd recommend you check out the "Power Toys Pack Installer" project on codeplex.

With the beta release of our Power Toys Pack Installer we've also released the source code!  This means that you can check out how we've done this and leverage our work to build something similar for your companies components.  We'd of course love, if you did this, to get some credit and perhaps some source code back. :-)

Even if you aren't interested in using this tool for your own needs you might want to use it to download the additional development tools released by Microsoft.  We'll be constantly adding new releases to this list and I expect it to grow significantly over the next several months. 

We've already had one happy customer.

"Please add more to the download and setup list. This is great!!"

If you have an idea for a Microsoft tool we should include... please let us know.