Feedback Request: Default to AND or OR in Local Help Search

The VS Help team is looking for feedback wrt a last minute default setting.  Anyway, here is the feedback request:

We’re making some last-minute decisions about the behavior of the local search engine for Visual Studio’s local MSDN search engine.   We’re need to decide how to behave when you search for multiple terms, like “VB database connect access”. Here are the options:

Option #1: Visual Studio Local Search should put an implicit AND between all terms, so “VB database connect access” becomes “VB AND database AND connect AND access”.  This means if a page has three but not all 4 of the terms you specify, it won’t show up in search results at all.

Options #2: Visual Studio Local Search should put an implicit OR between all terms, making “VB database connect access” into “VB OR database OR connect OR access”.  This means that pages with all terms matching will usually (though not always due to quirks in the local search engine) show up near the top of the list, but other results which match fewer terms will also show up in search results too.

Regardless of what option is chosen, you’ll be able to override by using an explicit OR or AND in your search queries; our choice is simply what to do by default. 

Which option do you prefer, and why?