Feedback Request: Whidbey Help Toolbar and Screen Resolution

After helping Scott fix his images I can now point you to his requests for feedback on the Whidbey Help Toolbar and Screen Resolution.  It's funny that the toolbar doesn't even have Dynamic Help listed but the user hatred lingers.  If my vote counts, and I'm sure it does, I'd say the following:

  • VS should support at least 1024x768 since that's the resolution of the laptop I'm on currently. 
  • I'm not sure I see a need for the text size button on the toolbar if you can get it from the menu and once I set it once it will stay that way.
  • The “Ask a Question” link should be over with the other text combined buttons.
  • There might be a need for text on the TOC Sync.
  • I liked Dynamic Help as F1 disambiguation UI and feed for help topics I might never have opened myself without the reminder.  :-) (I also owned it as a tester for a while just before we shipped.)