Find msdn bloggers with category clouds!

With over 2,600 bloggers on MSDN its hard to find the bloggers that interest you.  I've heard consistently that blog discover ability is a HUGE problem on this site so I wanted to do something about it... but how can you possibly categorize that many bloggers?  How do new bloggers pick categories?  What if the developer in office doesn't write about office? 

So, thanks to the good folks at Telligent and Betsy for listening to my crazy idea.  I bring you msdn blogs by categories....

The "cloud" on this page is actually showing shared blog categories. So if you want to see all the bloggers who have dedicated categories for "Xbox" you would end up on this page...

The good thing about this is that the bloggers on the site are in control and if they want to join a popular category... they can. Just add the category to your blog that matches other MSDN blogger categories and your good to go. 

The other change that recently happened is that the categories are now emitted as part of the RSS feed so that readers that leverage that field can take advantage of it... and so can technorati.