Giant Lava Lamp, “It’s a sexy sexy thang”

My last entry reminded me that I had to point you all to  Before
we got to the wine Gretchen and I completed this road
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On the way you pass by the




.  Ignore the description from the road
trip or state tourism notes.  Once in
soap lake you’ll find an RV parking site, rednecks, a glorified pond, rednecks hanging
out at the gas station, some sort of nasty gnats at the waters edge, rednecks bathing
in the mud, and water that your dog will turn his nose at.  The
Indians once believed in the healing powers of the lake, however, you’ll see that
even the Indians gave that up a long time ago.  Bestowed
upon one run down three story building you’ll see an image of the center of town replete
with its own 65ft lava lamp.  Speaking
to the locals at the gas station revealed that they sincerely believe it will increase
tourism and usher in a new wave of success to their community.  As
soon as they offer up a chance to have your name enshrined on the side of this giant
lava lamp for a small donation I’ll be first in line. 

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BTW: If your scratching your head at the title of this post you have to listen to
the official giant lava lamp song available for free download.