Good Feedback on VS 2005 Documentation

[ Via Mickey ]

If you have installed Visual Studio 2005, and have not checked out the documentation included with it, then you need to.  Go to:

Start->All Programs->Microsoft Visual Studio 2005->Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Documentation

This new documentation app has a couple of cool features, and a couple of bugs that still need to be worked out.  By far, the coolest feature is the Search.  When you do a search for a topic, it searchs your local copy of the documentation.  But it also searches MSDN Online, the Codezone community, and the MSDN Forums.  Here is a screenshot:

When you select a section, such as the MSDN Forums (referred to as Questions in the Documentation, for some reason), it actually returns a snippet of each post, enabling you to quickly determine if the post is relevant, and if you want to click-thru to the forums.  This is also true for MSDN Online and the Codezone community.  I have found this to be extremely useful.

It's great to see some good feedback on our new search and VS help features.