Google Silently Adds Job Search, No Mention of Developer Solution Jobs

Or at least I had never noticed before.

Via JobSyntax.

Intel jobs Microsoft jobs, Google jobs.  Some company names don't work though.  The search engine didn't pop up for a few of my choices:  Dell jobs, Electronic Arts jobs, Facebook jobs, Apple jobs, etc.  The search results aren't as good as those of a vertical job search site like Indeed or SimplyHired, but it's interesting to see Google is trying to tap into the job search market.  I hadn't noticed that before.

Gretchen and I noticed this yesterday after checking out the ads for the “Raymond Chen” search. I was disappointed, however, that the all-knowing –search-demi-gods didn’t happen to pick up my specific “Developer Solution Jobs”.

FYI – We’re hiring developers to work on cool community flavored Power Toys for Visual Studio…. Did I mention you get to work on collaborative community development projects here as well?