Great look at a real world example of having a human voice

Good piece about what having a “Human Voice” to represent your products/services really means… unfortunately something we also do rather poorly as a company in many cases.

…But it was more than that. The human voice of Flickr gave it a homey, quirky sense of people having fun doing what they love. From the very first moment you not only liked the service but also cared for the people behind it. It was enough to make it a no-brainer to put your photos on their server.

Now that welcoming, quirky, human voice has been strangled and replaced by the metallic commands of a corporate droid. It’s a damn shame and a terrible business move, in my humble opinion. Hopefully it won’t stand.

<Picture of old sign up page>

(on the old sign up page) They make jokes about the screen name, remind you that it’s changeable, express their hatred for spam, and poke fun at the terms of use. And just as importantly, they only ask three questions and a confirmation. That’s it. Takes no time to complete, involves little brain activity, and you get to chuckle about it. In other words, a near perfect signup procedure.

Now consider the signup screen for Flickr after Yahoo (which in true megaplex style requires three redirects and clicking signup twice, both on Flickr and the Yahoo-Flickr site)....