Great New JobCast with Dilberts Replacement

I must first disclose that, since I'm married to the creator of the Jobcast (Blogcast, Podcast, whatever you want to call it) series I am completely biased.

Now that I've cleared that up I have to say that her latest interview with Hans Bjordhal  is great.  In only 12 minutes Hans gives a great overview of the PM role at Microsoft and talks about how he replaced Dilbert in the Micronews in a way that just wouldn't have worked had it been written as a boring text only blog post.  Even if you don't care for Audio blogging you should still check out the post that goes with it for some great comics that I've seen taped to several office doors. 

The Micronews is our quirky little internal Microsoft Newspaper.  One day they replaced the Dilbert strip they were running with a new Comic called "Bugbash" written by Hans Bjordhal.  I was one of those people who's initial reaction was "Where did Dilbert go?"  That was only my initial reaction. Since then I've come to love what Hans creates every week for the Micronews.