Grrrr, Can't Participate in Tags from MSDN Blogs

I've been trying to figure out a way to let people join forces on their blogs with combined categories. Ideally anyone could post a Visual Studio tip and developers could consume one feed.  (Everyone wants in on Sara's Visual Studio tips category.) Why not use the Microsoft Blog portal?  Well, VS Tips aren't exactly a mainline taxonomy and too many fragment categories would be a bad thing I guess. Strike one.   

I figured that we could just use the technorati tagging system. This way anyone could contribute their own VS tips.  Hell, this was probably a better idea than the first one.  Unfortunately our version of Community Server doesn't support categories in the RSS feed. Sure, we have "catagories", but not the real kind.  Strike two!  Well, you can manually enter TAG links with the "rel" attribute... Strike three... we're stripping everything but the most basic HTML from the posts.  Back to square one. 

On a somewhat related note... what would my readers think about my jumping off the msdn blog ship onto my own URL?  I've got a few in mind.