Help Choose a Dog (Warning: No cool techy stuff ahead. Only Puppies.)

My wife and I are looking to get our first Berner (Oliver) a brother. We’ve recently received pictures of the three dogs we have to choose from. We’ll obviously get to meet them first next week, but based on these pictures who would you choose?

The dog on the right is not available. He’ll grow up to be a pompous show dog. The dog on the left is currently named Whimpie (yes, we will be changing any of these names). He is described as really big, but “not so brave”.


On the left is Dweazle, he is described as slightly less wimpy than Whimpie. On the right is Spot, he is described as the smartest of the bunch. So, which do you like best?

PS: My post on gui testing is coming along. There are a lot of pictures to post for that one.