Keep your complaints coming

Wow, people do read my blog.  People have commented on two issues so far:

Kurt says

“The IDE insists on formatting some of my HTML when I swap to and from
designer/html mode, regardless of what I've selected in the text editor options. For
instance, it will add/remove line breaks, strip trailing slashes from <br />
and other single tag HTML entities. I'm to the point of hitting Ctrl+Z when I switch
back to HTML mode. :)”

To this I can say that we have certainly heard this complaint.  Our goal for
the next release (Whidbey) is to reduce this as much as possible. If you are using
the Venus alpha and see this please file specific bugs on betaplace.  If you
see these in VS 2002 or 2003 we’re sorry for the inconvenience.

Martinj Says “This one is a pet peeve of mine. Console apps should not behave
differently in the debugger than they do in the wild. I'm talking about the debugger
not waiting for a keypress to close the window. I might actually want to see the text
dumped to the output before the IDE closes it. Outside the debugger, you automatically
get the "Press a key to close" at program completion.”

I also agree, this is really annoying. I end up setting breakpoints at the end of
my main all the time in console apps. I’ve logged this as a suggestion for the next
version and I’ll let you know what the debugger team says. 

Keep them coming.