Live at OCS - Online to Offline Interactions

Again, this will be more notes that will grow and change over time rather than time based since it's not a presentation. 

2:00: Second breakout session. What are effective ways to mobilize your online community offline?

  • ACLU Problem - People will click easily, but congressmen don't care about e-mail and online petitions anymore since they are so easy.
  • Problem: Geographically diverse set of participants.
  • What sort of things work? (From Java.Net users)
    • If people are going to be somewhere anyway for a big gathering. Java.Net community leaders meeting at JavaOne conference. Works really well to get them to fly in early. 
    • Tasks that is something people can rally around. Like coding X that's needed. Vote on top project and then start coding it.
    • Get to know your userbase in a deeper way.
  • Spontaneous interactions happen with thriving communities, but are there ways to design and optimize for enabling these interactions.
    • Share calendars and meeting times. There is a missing link between who actually does the interaction. How successful are the tools that you use to mobilize people.
  • "Send a photo of" type of requests worked good as light touch way to connect people offline or get offline interactions...
  • How can you show people the results of thier offline interactions? How many people did your invite mobilize?  Flickr groups? Which friends responded. Sort of like evite, but for activism reporting.
  • "turn off" factor that leads people to unsubscribe... if the events don't fit them.
  • What about offline groups that need online connection? Is that easier?
    • Social pressure of not wanting to join another group.
    • Tech adoption process is hard if people aren't engaged.  Easier to get people who are web 2.0 orientated.
    • Netsquared conference - Help non-profits get more web 2.0 savvy - Story about people who couldn't make it to the offline event and they set up an online conference to parallel the offline event.
      • Online event was time limited. It was chat room that was live just like a back-channel, but separate.  The offline stuff was streamed and presenters had to do a chat session online after their talks.
      • "mixed mode" event.
      • Pushback from offline folks that if questions came from online community it would cut out time from the folks that travelled to the event.
  • Netflix world - Why would  you go offline for a movie, but the business is dependant on offline connections through mail.
  • Do people want to get lost in an online world?  Some people are more comfortable online and don't want to interact offline... or vica-versa.
  • Book: Great Good Places
    • Places you go when you aren't home or at work and get to play out difference personas.
    • "Internet is the best place to go to find "nutcases" like yourself that you just can't find offline in your friend group. "
  • Pre-conference organization for the real conference works really well to get people excited and gives people the chance to participate early.
  • Create virtual delegates for conferences for people to speak who can't be there.
  • Run sessions through Skype to funnel information out.
  • Is the character of the audience really ready to meet offline?  Is there critical mass enough?


End of session. New post coming for the final presentations.