Live Blogging the OCS - Opening Remarks and Multimedia Communities

Well, we're back from lunch.   The food alone is a great reason to come to Sonoma.  The conference organizers take advantage of that.  I'll probably gain a few lbs here over the couple of days.  We just had some Chocolate Bread Pudding that was awesome.  (The conference takes place in a culinary school.)

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1:20: Opening Remarks by Jim Cashel (Forum One) & Joe Cothrel (Lithium Technologies)

1:21: Everyone is still gathering around searching for power outlets...

1:38: "Freemium" - New word I hadn't heard before.  What's the balance between a free and paid experience?  In my head is what does this mean for Microsoft developer collaboration?  How much do we give away and let the community play with and what role do our paid partners (and us) play in that free ecosystem. What does "Freemium" mean for web based developer support?

1:45:   It's a large room and introductions continue.  There are some folks here from the e-bay developer network that should be interesting to talk to. 

1:50: There are a lot more people here trying to make money hosting/building community solutions for folks.

1:51: How do you deliver value to advertisers through your community and social network?  How do you transition the members to paying customers?

1:52: Everyone is reminded that we sent the bio's around already and that your introduction doesn't need to be your life story. That takes some pressure off when this comes around to me.

1:55: Hi, I'm josh ledgard. I work for Microsoft on developer technologies. Specifically my team works on tools and services that enable developers to collaborate with each other through our products. We've recently been working on getting collaborative development projects off the ground with our communities through the release of Power Toys... Damn, I forgot the line "my dogs teach children to read". 

2:01: I'm told that pictures from the event are going to be posted here: . Pictures from last year are here: 

2:10: Intros still going. I'm trying to start an IRC channel in the background. A few start-ups here.  A lot of pitching being done in the intros. 

2:15: Intros continue. Good sign... there are a bunch of people this year with Windows Mobile devices. Specifically I've seen the new Treos & the MotoQ device. 

2:24: Intros are over. I've got one person in my IRC channel with me.

2:30: Just announced a second :-) wine tasting in a tasting room after the event today.  There is one at the end of the day today in the conference hall and another @7.

2:33: Thankfully they just announce the blogging policy... we're allowed. :-)

2:35: New presentors talking about Multi-Media stuff.

Topic: Multimedia Communities
Description: Multimedia communities such as have exploded onto the scene. We’ll discuss the impact and promise of these communities, with a look at two new offerings.
Introductory comments: Bill Schreiner / AOL & Brian Gruber / Fora TV

2:40: Youtube! Again, slides with pictures and no words. Very trendy. It's slideware 2.0!

2:41: Device ubiquity as reason for the take-off.  Not sure I buy that. PC/Mac/Linux platform agnostic, but I can't take my Youtube videos easily on my ipod. But there is something to be said about the easy of publishing video online just like Blogging. However it's not as easy as Blogging just yet.  

2:45:  Bill just said he had published the video from the intros online already to show how easy it was to publish video. 

2:48: Are there really 6k videos of people lighting farts on fire on Youtube... Nope... 427 as far as I can tell.

2:52: Marc Cuban quote: "only a moron would buy youtube.. they are breaking the law... the only reason they haven't been sued yet is that there is no big money to sue."  

2:54: Story about his son. Dating a girl and frequently bring laptop down with girlfriend attending dinner virtually with video.  Common for them to be video present while doing homework. Apperently it's really popular for kids who can't drive to each other yet.

2:58: Commentary about moderation of the videos. How do they moderate stuff?  Mostly sounds like they wait for users to click the abuse buttons.

3:02: Making it easier to product videos... Jumpcut, just bought by Yahoo.

3:04: Statement that video presense will be bigger even than asynch video posting.  But also big on cell phone video blogging.

3:05: Onto Brian from foraTV...

3:06: Brian was the head of marketting for Cspan. ForaTV does online video of public hearings and cspan style content. Wanted more local events captured and distributed to the people.

3:09: Unmediated, on-demand, and user generated. "ForaTv expands the public forum for discussion of important world issues to multiple, simultaneous fora in a digital venue. Public spoken words from engaging, authoritative sources delivered via high quality digital video spark the interaction. The symbol of ForaTv is the inside shadow of the Roman arch which stood at the entrance to the ancient Forum."

3:15: They also do synced transcriptions for featured video events. Clicking on a word in the transcript starts the video at that point. Very much like the onenote feature that lets you record a meeting and hear the adio next to each note you took in sync.  

3:18: I think they are letting the speakers go on a bit long this year. The goal was 10min talk, 20 discussion.  There's a lot of people here, but the Fora session sounds more like an ad.  Probably just presentor style.

3:20: The "Why not just hand out $200 cameras and let people post the content to youtube?  They want to add value in post production and features that YouTube doesn't have. I have to wonder if community post production online wouldn't be better than what he showed today. Today they just let community create the navigation and additional links.

3:30: Wrapped up the talk with some discussion about user generated tagging.  The missing link is tagging that extends inside longer videos to let people create custom timelines. 

Breaktime.. next session = new entry.