Mickey Gousset on why you should join the Developer Solutions team

Previously on scooblog…. I asked why somone should work on the Developer Solutions team (we’re hiring for dev and pm). Mickey from www.teamsystemrocks.com provided a great answer…

Now remember, this is all from my perspective, but for me, I would push how much of an impact what you are working on can have in the developer community. Let's take money out of the picture for a second. And let's assume that yes, everyone likes everyone else and all that. At the end of the day, I want to feel appreciated. Everyone does, its human nature. Obviously, one source of that appreciation can come from your management, as well it should. But when you get the same kind of respect and appreciation from the "development community cloud", its a whole different kind of rush.
The fact is, at least from my perspective, you would have the chance to really influence the development community, and how Microsoft interacts with that community. You get to take some of the existing ideas, such as the forums, and figure out how to make them even better. You get to build the tools that would help you be more productive, and then share them with the rest of the community, with enough exposure where they are going to be used and appreciated. You get to really help the community grow through your direct contributions.
I would also point out how much support (I hope) exists for these development community initiatives. I feel confident the support is there, but knowing that upper management is "backing your play" so to speak would really allow a team member to take some chances, or throw out some ideas he might otherwise keep to himself.
Talk about some exciting work!
Anyway, I don't know if that answered the question, or was just me going off on a tagent, but those are the points you could use to sell me on it, at any rate.

 That was a great answer… probably better than I could do.  Anyway, if your interested in dev or pm positions drop me a line with your resume and an explanation of why you’d like to work on the developer solutions team.