More bugs to comment on

From Martin: When we work on an ASP.Net project that is kept under Source Control
(VSS), occasionally you lose the IDE from the taskbar if you minimize the IDE. Oh
sure, the button is sitting right there, but you can't Alt-Tab to get it back up.
Right clicking the taskbar button won't give you a menu. The only way to get back
in is to use the Task Manager and do a "Switch To" in the applications tab.

This should be fixed in 2003.  I haven't seen it happen since then and we did
some wrk to remove the old code that was causing this that was there to support an
older window management model. If anyone still sees this I'd like to hear your repro
cases.   Your proxy settings should have nothing to do with this.  

Travis complained more about our "Abuse" of users HTML code.  My comment remains
the same. We are working to reduce/remove this in whidbey.  Sorry I don't have
a better answer.  I agree. I use frontpage/notpad to do HTML work. :-)

Nicole has Issues with the Task List:

A couple of other
task list ones (beside the lack of TODO display across the whole project): 1. No option (or at least none that I've found) for showing all tasks (or whatever
subset one might prefer) by default. 2. When double-clicking a task (user-defined or compiler error/warning) to navigate
to the associated line, if the line is in a collapsed region, the region is not expanded.
One "lands" on the collapsed region definition rather than the target line. This is
particularly annoying when working with long regions and/or nested regions.

We are doing some work around this soon in whidbey and I'll send your comments along
to our PM. I'll try to ensure I let you know what happens here.  Thanks!

And from Kiwi: Provide a history of command line parameters
in the Debugging category of project properties. There's a combobox now, but it expands
to one-item list wih 'Edit...'. I frequently run command-line apps with few sets of
paramters, and have to retype it all the time.

I sent this along to the debugger team. I'll let you know their response. 

This request yeilded a bunch more reponses than I anticipated and I appreciate you
all for taking the time.  I can also let you know that we are working to make
reporting bugs to our teams much easier in the future.  :-)