More Good Whidbey Feedback

Steve has some great impresions here.  And I love the attitude of the post title!  Some highlights follow...

“ I used to be one of those people who said code behind was joke, created extra files and was a PITA to migrate from one machine to another. Now what does MS do, they go back to a more inline code samples. Now re-learning what I used to like really sucks...”

“VS 2005 FINALLY include FTP publishing similiar to homesite and macromedia editors among others. Brovo MS, this is a HUGE improvment in publishing works. Even includes SSL support. “

“Another *interesting feature* of VS .NET 2005 is these *little* web servers that are built into VS.NET....”

“I really like the new items such as, whiz-bang website templetes is done to have a database driven website in minutes. VS.NET 2005 isn't even in beta 1 yet, but things are looking promising. Its 1000 times better than the early betas of VS.NET 2002.”