MSBuild Team Posts Status Publicly

Kudos for Alex Kipman and the MSBuild team for starting to publish the project status publicly.

From the comments on their first post:

  • I love this kind of transparency. Keep it up! I wish every PM did this. I just couldn't help thinking if you're gonna get sacked tomorrow for revealing too much inside information. ;)
  • I think it's great that you find the time to let us know what's happening internally and how things are progressing. It helps us doing strategy design know how to position what's to come so please keep it up (dozens, if not hundreds of MS Softies have been doing this so this is a good thing).

And Via “The Daily Grind

  • Alex Kipman posts a status report on the progress of the MSBuild component of the next version of Visual Studio. Imagine a world in which every Microsoft team posted this info publicly...

Which prompted more than one internal softie to tell me:

  • Actually I think this should be an official recommendation – every public team in MS should post status info regularly like this.

Good Times!