MSDN Forums Get a Lounge Area

This probably took to long, but we've created two "lounge" type forums on the MSDN forum site for folks to have non Q/A focused conversations.  This came as a suggestion from some of the volunteer moderators and was pretty easy for us to do.  Enjoy!

Via Joe

I just created two new forums: " Hot Technology " and " Show and Tell ", both geared towards a purely social area for the MSDN Forums community.

Hot Technology is the place to go for good ole geek discussions. Want to chat about the newest development technology, the newest CTP of Vista, the greatest sci-fi show on television, or just want to chat, Hot Technology is the place for you.

Show and Tell is a zone where members of the community can post about and ask for feedback about their new apps that they just brewed up while participating in the forums. What did you just make? Show everyone!