MSDN Forums Moderation: The Report Button

Every posts contains a "report" link that any user can take advantage of.  This link is intended to help users alert moderators of issues that may require attention that have so far gone unnoticed.  Users should feel free to report any issue they'd like moderators to look at and are especially encouraged to report posts that should be marked as an answer moved, deleted, merged, edited, etc.  Several of our non-MSFT moderators have been discovered by their extensive use of the reporting button. 

Once the link is clicked you'll be taken to a new post UI where you are asked to input your explanation for reporting the thread. Once the report is made it will be submitted to a moderator forum with the original post + your comments on what should be done about it.  Just remember that the report button is NOT to report bugs in the product, the forum site, or the fact that you are now engaged. :-)

Moderators need to be paying attention to the "Reporting Forum" for issues that are posted there by users.