New VBCommenter Release (1.2.5 RC1) by the Community

Background: The VBCommenter is an addin for VS 2003 that gives you the ability to automatically generate XML comment headers in the VB .NET editor similar to what the C# editor automatically generates. It will also generate the XML comment file to go along with your VB assemblies at build time.

Today: It seems that just today the gotdotnet membership application notifications started working again. I was flooded with requests for people looking to join the VBCommenter workspace. There have also been a few forum conversations so I figured I should see what was going on... with some projects I tend to take no news as good news.

Turns out that a workspace member ,dtr2, posted a new release five days ago.  I tried it out and it seems to work great while incorporating the improvements he detailed in the release...

Improvements include:

  • Major speed improvements (mostly related to schema and XML validation handling)
  • Improved comment schema
  • Improved XML validation and task list reporting
  • Fixed defect relating to Reporting Services projects (MSDN article ID 842434) - your
  • Intellisense will no longer go away when you build a solution with a Reporting Project in it.

Please comment in the Message Board if you have any issues with this release or contact me (dtr2) directly using the "View all members" link at the right, clicking on my name, and sending me a message. I don't promise to have fixed any defects other than those in the comments above, but both the performance and stability of the add-in have been greatly improved, and I would highly recommend giving this release a try.


Commentary: I'm super excited that members of the community are continuing to improve this tool since I just don't have the time required to keep it churning myself anymore and had already announced that the 1.2 release was the last one I would have time for. Code on!