Office Prank Video: Developer + Igloo = Productivity

In the middle of August Bertan took a 4 week vacation to get married. Well, as is a grand Microsoft tradition, we had to do something to his office. It took us two weeks to come up with the idea. In the end we went on a hunch and decide to build an igloo. This is the story of Bertan’s igloo

Oh, and if you'd like to work with folks like this who build software... and sometimes other objects... check out the article that goes with this video here:



  • The music was graciously donated by Jeremy Jones, who is a PM in Visual Studio land.  You can get more of his music @
  • The whole thing was captured and edited in Vista with RC1 and Movie Maker!  I only ran into one crashing bug and it's been fixed since RC1. 
  • There was exactly 1 4x8 sheet left over as calculated!