One Community Win at a Time

While encouraging teams @ MS to participate in online communities I'm often asked “What do I get out of it?” or “What will my teams ROI be?”.  Honestly guys... those are the wrong questions, but here is some non-numeric proof that being open with and participating in the community will yield strong returns for you as shareholders. 

Via Marcie Robillard:

“According to the home page at Blogs.MSDN, there are now 606 Microsoft employees blogging. I think that is just great. From reading Microsoftie blogs, I've gained insights into what the various teams and product managers are thinking, and some are even detailed enough to provide us with a direct look at the decisions they make on a daily or weekly basis, and more importantly the reasons behind those decisions. Having this kind of access to information has enormously impacted my perception of what goes on within Microsoft, and the ability to post comments on entries, or via my own blog, gives me a chance to even have a two-way conversation with many Microsofties that I otherwise wouldn't get to interact with, even at huge conferences like Tech Ed…”