Posted to PMJobs about Open Positions on my Team

Having two PMs on a team that should be four or five means I spend a good chunk of my time recruiting. I'll make a couple of posts about how I'm going about this. Today I posted to our internal "PMJobs" alias. Its an interesting internal recruiting culture here. Poaching is frowned upon, but apparently putting posters in other teams buildings that imply they aren't having fun on monday mornings is not.... I haven't stepped to that low yet, but here is what I wrote to the PMJobs alias:

I’ve got two PM openings on a small “tiger” team that’s positioned to drive huge changes into all of Developer Division and potentially Microsoft as a whole.

What’s the Developer Solutions team all about?

The Developer Solutions team is all about making developer customers more successful and satisfied with released products. This means delivering great 1st party developer “Powertoys” that solve specific customer pain points with our developer products. It also means making sure there are healthy Microsoft support communities to answer broad questions. Finally it means that there are healthy 3rd party communities dedicated to sample, white-paper, libraries, and tool development.

What sort of “powertoys” are you delivering?

To give you an idea… we’re a small agile team and we have three tools already in development. These include the MSBee tool that allows for .NET 1.1 compilation from MS Build, a TFS Administration tool that will allow you to more easily manage permissions on your Team Foundation Servers, and a “managed stack explorer” to examine running processes and get more detailed debugging information. What we do down the road could be up to you .

How do we keep our support communities healthy?

The web forums have launched as a support platform and we have an opportunity to drive changes in their design and our behind the scenes support process to improve the answer rates in our communities. Today, for example, Microsoft focuses a lot of support energy in 1 to 1 support interactions, but we can begin to shift some percentage of our support cases into 1 to many venues like KB articles, wiki’s, and the support forums. It’s a chance to lower the support costs for us, as a company, and the customers who have issues. It’s your chance to start a shift that could propagate into every product we ship !

Sound Interesting?

Give me a call or send me mail if you’d like to learn more.


Josh Ledgard

Lead Program Manager

Developer Solutions

Position #1

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