PowerToys 2.0 Site Priorities Draft

Today I took a stab at creating a prioritized feature list for the 2.0 version of the site. If I missed something or you think I have the ranking wrong let me know.

Note: It is not a goal of ours to provide a tool upload mechanism. Tool downloads will be hosted on another site provided by the owner of the tool.

P1 Features - Can’t live without them

  • User Submitted Tools - Ability for registered users to place their tools in the listing. This is support for basic addition of meta-data such as the description, title, and link to download page.

P2 Features –Could ship V1 without, but would harm functionality

  • User Authentication - To allow tool listings. Anyone can read to the site, but we’ll have authentication to submit new tools and allow for moderators.

  • Submission Moderation - Before a tool submission or update is live it must be approved by a moderator.

P3 Features – Features we should have, but are not vital

  • Download Click-Thru Count - How many times has someone used the download link on a specific tool.

  • Tool Expiration - Ability to have tools hide themselves in the listings after a while with no activity or positive ratings. Force the author to renew the listing if they want to keep it there. (From AT in my comments)

P4 Features – Nice to have

  • Send Tool Owner a Message – Send a message to the owner of a tool.