PSS Learning #1: IM is a key part of their jobs

I covered myths #1 and #2 so it's time to start getting into the things I learned while working in Sammamish.  Learning #1 is that I never saw so many people depend on IM. Everyone was running Microsoft Office Communicator and they used it. 

It's was a great way to ask for help from a co-worker on a case when you are on the phone with the customer. It was also used as a primary means of communicaiton with the support folks in different parts of the country or world. 

In the product groups there's a mix. There are people you can find on IM and then there are people who just aren't on the corperate IM train. 

On a related note... I only have one freind left using AIM. Everyone else I know now is on Messenger.  I remember feeling guilty when I started at Microsfot for running it, but it was what all my freinds from college where on.  Now I only have one freind left to switch before I can delete the bloated adware AIM client off of my machine for good.