Putting those Halo 2 RSS Feeds to Use

I've been subscribed to my own Halo 2 RSS feed for a while now. At first I thought it was super cool, but recently I've struggled to find a good use for it other than noting "Wow, I played over 100 games of halo this weekend" by the new post count.  Well, today, Scott Reynolds forwarded me this...

Halo 2 RSS Excel Workbook (http://www.isamrad.com/Halo2RSS/)

Now you can pivot, sort, and graph your own Halo 2 stats to make some more use out of them!  I'll bet there will soon be other web sites and programs written that take advantage of this.  Too bad they don't include more info in the feeds from the game like medals won or other stuff you could only scrape from the web pages they have.