Recent Developer Community Wins

Internally I try and send out mails that recognize cool contributions Microsoft people have made to the community every other month.  In the latest issue I wrote a little poem to go with the mail. It's been suggested that I post this to my blog as well. Some of the "Community Wins" are posted to my community wins category, but I didn't keep up well this time around.  So here they are in bulk. I apologize for the internal tone of this post, but there wasn't much need to edit what I sent out to a couple thousand people already.

Any hey, if you think someone at Microsoft should be rewarded for their contributions to the community... let me know.

Since it’s the holidays,
There aren’t many here,
But it’s a good time for
Tales of customer cheer.

Through various channels
We did dare to show
A bit of our good work,
So customers would know…

Their bugs are cared for;
Our methods do impress.
Connecting with customers
Makes us all a success.

People are reading,
Transparency’s not a sin.
There’s been lots of chatting,
Time for your community win!



Chatting Away

  • Great Chat and a Great Product: The Team System guys recently jumped on the Chat-Wagon and earned several kudos from customers. They also held chats with the MVPs and are going to continue the momentum in January.
    • ”I just wanted to say to the VSTS team... Great Job! We're really excited about Team System and look forward to integrating it in our dev shops. These are the types of tools that we've been missing for such a long time.” - “Thanks for the Chat guys. It sounds like VSTS is going to solve a lot of our problems. Happy Holidays to all.” - “This chat has been great! Any plans to have more in the near future?”- “Yes. Great great chat and great product. Definitely it would be good to have more chats like this.” - “There was a lot of great dialog and MS was open to all questions (Bravo!). More Info
  • MVP Leadership Chats: MVPs are now getting an opportunity to chat monthly with Devdiv PUMs and other leaders. Recent volunteers have included Soma, Craigsy, RickLa and RobertCo. Scottwi and Davidtr are next!

Living-La-Vida Ladybug

  • Customer Bug Bashing: The Winforms team started the “Smart Client Bug Reporting Challenge” to encourage customer involvement in our CTPs and Beta drops . “…Each month we will hand out 1 backpack and 3 T-shirts for the top 4 bug finders. Come back and enter as often as you have a bug. Why are we doing this, you ask? When we looked at the bug stats filed by the community through the Feedback Center, we found that over 30% of code defect bugs submitted were being fixed in the product. This is a really high number when you remember that the builds the community have are not the most up-to-date ones that the team has (e.g. another 30% are not repro by our team—meaning that we already fixed it by the time that the bug came in). We wanted a way to say "thank you" to all the people who have been finding the great bugs in the product that we are fixing, so we came up with this contest."
  • Bug of the Week : Mhagman kicked off the “Bug of the Week” award program where customers can win for posting popular bugs, “Best MS Blooper”, “Hardest Repro”, and for having an “Eagle Eye”. Here is a quote from one of the fist award winners: ”It is an honor to be selected for the award. I am very excited for Whidbey and actively try to participate to make it better in whatever way that I can, however small that may be.” More Info
  • If only there was Ladybug for Windows: “But in fact Microsoft does listen pretty hard, and luckily things are getting even better. Since some time the Whidbey bug database is online at MSDN. Now there are some vids up on Channel9 talking about the database in general and an other one showing how bugs are triaged. Now, having the same thing for Windows, that would be my personal dream. “ More Info

Notes from the Blogosphere

  • Myth: There is no Community Support for MS Products: “I have had more help from Microsofts forums and newgroups and Microsoft related chatrooms than I ever had with Linux. I had to learn Linux and UNIX by myself, I had very little to no help at all. In Linux chatrooms I was called a "noob" and put on ignore, in forums and news groups I was ignored. Which makes me think, Why did I even bother with Linux?” More MS Myths from this customer
  • Customers glimpse of bug triage: “Scoble and the rest of the Channel 9 people got invited to a bug triage meeting and got video of the whole thing. Now I'm not a developer so I have no clue what was going on there but damn if it wasn't interesting. Just seeing how these people work is exciting since I am, after all, a total Microsoft whore. I'll be watching more of these Channel 9 things in the near future.” (More Info) see also Scobleizer: Microsoft Geek Blogger Scoble has an excellent video on a "bug triage" session at Microsoft which is very interesting as it shows sort of the process on how bugs get sorted and prioritized in Microsoft's software development.”
  • More Readers: Bloggers and blog readership are still increasing on Five of the top ten blogs on MSDN (November Web Views) should be getting this mail because they came from DevDiv teams! Congrats to craigs, cyrusn, brianjo, jaybaz , and the powertoys blog!

Other Notes

  • Devdiv updates on Channel9: On this page you’ll see highlights from all of our teams as we progress through the development cycle, see the most recent entries from the Release Team blogs, andmore videos that give a better look inside our world that we have in the works for the site. If your team would like to do a “video status report”, a tour of your team, filmed code review, or help out in other ways let me know. YAG points to the new Developer Division Update on Channel 9 that gives a GREAT overview of the state of development on VS 2005. Very cool!” (Link)
  • Taking the Plunge: Several people have taken the channel9 plunge over the last few months, but I wanted to call out Ori for doing a great job giving some demo’s and taking people on a tour of the VSD team that was very compelling.
  • MVPs Coming to Town: For a recent all-hands meeting, the CLR team invited a C# MVP (Cathi Gero) to come and present to the team the real external customer experience. Cathi presented on .NET advantages, customer deployment scenarios .NET opportunities for the future versions, and as a community influencer what about VS 2005 really excites her & the community. While this was a great opportunity for the teams to hear an external customer, it was an even better opportunity for the MVP to connect with Microsoft and understand our passion better. If you are interested in inviting a customer to your next team meeting to present the customer view, MVPs are a very good bet.
  • November CTP Reactions: These are just starting to come in. You can check out this thread for some initial thoughts from customers about our latest release and you can, of course, subscribe to the feedster search to see more posts as the come.