Scooby Snax #7 (500 Characters, Tools, Ipods, Security, and Solitaire)

I returned to work today after a great weekend getaway to Whistler and had over 800 blog posts to read; hence a new edition of Scooby Snax. 

Making the first 500 Count: Upon my return I learned that we are now saving on bandwidth by only showing the first 500 characters show up on the main page and in the aggregated RSS feed.  I haven't read too many positive comments (internally or externally) about this move and personally it means I'll have to change how I read since I love offline aggregator support.  Currently I used the OPML to subscribe to every blog separately, but this means I'll have to windiff the OPML to make sure I don't miss out on new bloggers each week.  I could also just not read as much and only subscribe to some of the loggers individually.

Zoomed in Solitaire: This is pretty cool. I can't wait until I can have this kind of resize ability with all my applications.

An MS Welcome Back: In addition to being a long weekend I took an extra day off yesterday to do nothing productive.  When I returned to work today I (and apparently a few others) were welcomed by having our network ports shut off.  Turns out I didn't have the RTM version of XPSP2 on my main machine.  It's a frustrating cycle lately at MS to "secure" our network environment. I'm all for security, but I've witnessed far too many people lose too much time calling help desk to have their ports turned back on because they missed a required security update.  This hits the test teams especially hard since they really on imaging and machine stability to compare builds. I also think it's becoming the latest "dog that ate the homework" excuse for people at MS forgetting something. 

Tools you can't live without: Roy listed his and I've already got a backlog of powertoys posts to make, but its still nice to get more suggestions. 

Who would do this? I know it happens, but I still find it shocking that people just dump animals off on the side of the road because they don't want them anymore.  Kudos to Sara and Kyle for doing the right thing. 

"From my Cold..." A bunch of people have sent me information about the new MSN Music Store.  Robert loves it. There is always a persistent/polite nudge when people at Microsoft know you don't dogfood every MS product.  I get it when I run AIM and I get it for having an Ipod and loving Itunes.  Both systems lock you in to some degree, but my choice is still the Apple lock in because no one has come close to beating the form factor and functionality of my Ipod.  When someone does... I'll consider switching when I need a new player.