Scooby Snax: What has Josh Been Up To?

The Funny: This morning I had a good laugh provided by this cartoon on converting your windows machine to Linux.

Blog #1: I've been trying to post daily updates to the Channel9 Devdiv site. We've learned that Scoble can't be in ten places at once so we also purchased our own camera. I'll be editing our first video on test cases today. It would be super cool if I can get that posted by next week.

Reading Blogs: Reading the "Team System Rocks" blog and specifically this post about our CTP process that is, in part, a response to my conversation with Rick Strahl. " I love how Microsoft has opened up the development process of their next generation tools to all developers, and not just a select few. That said, there are some people who are not so happy with what they are doing."

Blog #2: Posting the occasional update and chat notification to the VS2005News blog. This also means that I'm helping to set up some of the VS 2005 chats.  Those of you in attendance probably noticed.

Blog #3: Always trying to dig up and find cool tools to post to the Powertoys Blog.  Keep in mind I do reject some tools and make sure that I'm not just recommending any old add-in there. Looking at this I've realized that I'm really responsible for four blogs.  Anyone want to take one over for me? I could use the time to re-invest in this blog.

Blog #4: I'm not nearly done redesigning the look of this blog for those of you still reading blogs in a web browser.  Which, I think, is most of you.

The Customer Connection Team: I work on the Developer Division Customer Connection team. Friday my boss, Mark, posted a good rundown of how he feels our team is progressing. You can see some of the progress he discussed being reflected in some of my posts over the last two months regarding transparency, the CTP process, and general broad customer connections.