Sometimes the Answers Find You

I spent part of Thursday looking for quotes from customers that suggested improved satisfaction with Microsoft becuase of the openness and community participation embarked upon by MS employees.  Afterall, a large part of this is about building and improving our customer relationships and there aren't good hard metrics around relationships.  My wife didn't even know I was looking for this, but forwarded me the following quote that Anthony posted to her Bio...

With all of the totally biased anti-Microsoft propaganda circulating around, it's nice to see MS put a more human face to the company. A lot of people tend to see Microsoft as the Great Satan of the corporate world and seem to forget that, behind the polished, hard nosed business model, are a bunch of ordinary human beings who are hell bent on changing the world - and the software industry - for the better.
As a developer who'd fallen into the "evil Microsoft" believer camp, it was a nice, refreshing, and even sobering experience, to see yours and other MS employee blogs. It put the company and the philosophy back into perspective for me. I'm sure it'll do the same for a lot of people too. Giving employess their own voice through blogs is perhaps the most powerful PR tool MS has at its disposal.
Keep up the great work! And keep pulling in the talent. Ordinary users and we developers in the trenches are counting on you and Microsoft!

Thanks Anthony!  Its quotes like this one and the customer focussed improvements we are making in all of our upcoming products that  make me believe that we are only a short time away from seeing the satisfaction numbers start to tip in a more positive direction.