Strange Googlings of Late

I knew that Google was huge, especially for developers and techies, but the ratio of everyday search Google hits to non-Google hits leading to my blog amazes me. Google is at least 30 to 1 the favorite. This was even when yahoo was using google technology. Here are some of the more interesting searches that have led people to me:


According to my referrers page I’m not alone with my inability to spell this word. I’ve probably helped more non-developers with this one post than any of my other posts. I’m also one of the last place my parents ever thought anyone would go to for the meaning of the word.

Free Powerpoint Penguins

If I had penguins that could use powerpoint they certainly would not be free. They would be called MBA school graduates and they would make a bunch more money than they would probably be worth. Ok, that was a low blow to my friends who majored in “Cupcake Engineering“... I mean “management of technology”.

How do penguins interact with other penguins

Not well, if the searches below are any indication.

When Penguins Attack

Either people are searching for this post or for video clips for use in the next fox special.

Penguins Being Evil

Isn’t this like looking for “Kittens being evil”?

Penguins Are Evil

Ok ok, my opinion of the penguin was dead wrong.

Salt Shaker Testing

And variations of this theme have convinced me that there is either a much larger failure rate for salt shakers than I ever imagined, the people responsible for testing these don’t know how to do their job, or maybe this is just an overused MS interview question. The hits here have seriously made me consider using this as a potential title to a book on testing. I’ll at least have to write a blog entry that explains what people asking this question may be looking for. J

And my recent favorite…

How I lock the bad pictures in my computer

Ok, this just conjures up an image in my head of these little “picture monsters” trapped inside this persons computer that are trying to loosen the screws to the case from the inside out. Maybe they are little penguins.

“They think they are bears”