Sun Post Scooby Snack: Developers Don't Buy Things, They Join Things

Yeah, it comes from Sun, but the primary supposition is targeted at the general developer audience.  I tend to agree with the whole "engage in the conversation anywhere" mantra that I quoted below.  I really like Jonathan's blog and especially the cute "Mars Rover: Java is Everwhere" pic.  Here are some of the better quotes…

“And not simply maintaining the dialog we have today, but finding new constituencies, and expanding our reach. Establishing a relationship with a developer is all about starting a conversation - one that always flowers. And often into opportunity.”

“The principal mechanisms through which we've maintained that dialog are the Java Community Process (the most comprehensive open process in the history of computing); and the evolution of our NetBeans open source development environment. Our enterprise offerings begin to really push the notion that development is conversational by incorporating structured instant messaging within the development environment, so while you're coding away, you can interact with your cohorts, even if they're in Prague, Bangalore, Menlo Park, Hamburg, Tel Aviv and Tokyo (where, at Sun, many are). Our newest addition, Java Studio Creator, lets us approach an entirely new developer community, web app developers more accustomed to Visual Basic. “

“…The upshot of all this? Developers don't buy things, they join things. And to the extent we're positioning Sun to start growing new customers, all such opportunities start, at some point, through a conversation . Typically with a developer. Sometimes that conversation occurs through a blog (and the dialog that ensues), sometimes through a code base, through an IM session, or an IDE. But there's a new dialog starting, every minute of every day. It's just a matter of joining in.”