.TEXT Suggested Features

Today there are over 400 bloggers on blogs.msdn.com.  Over the last two months there have been 150 MS blogs added.  We're going to be over a thousand before you know it!  But with the good comes the bad. 

  1. Posts are going to scroll off the main feed and home page at a lightening fast rate.  This means some of the best content could get pushed down without proper attention because of timing.  It's already starting to happen to some people.
  2. The list on the left hand side is going to be longer than the page.
  3. If I'm a VB guy who writes database winforms apps which blogs should I subscribe to and what content should I already be aware of?

But hey, where there are problems there are potential solutions.  

  • Self categorization: I have a list of categories for my posts. So does everyone else.  Why not list these categories on one page for everyone. Sort categories with more than one posters using them near the top.  This list might be a mess for a while, but you could be smart and group related words like Dev/Developer/Development, etc.  Bloggers might then also choose to rename their categories to make the list better. 
  • Ok, that was my wild idea. The more reasonable idea would be to have the msdn bloggers self select what their categories are based on team, role, and primary/secondary post topics. 
  • Recommended Reading: People who read this blogger also liked these bloggers created automatically ala amazon. You could also do this on a per post basis. People who liked this post also read these posts.
  • The Top Most: Create a set of top three lists. Top three most read posts today. Top three most commented posts today.  Top three ...
  • Rated Posts: Allow readers to rate posts on a 1-5 scale.  Give people access to feeds like “Rated 5 Posts”.  If you combine good ratings with good categories you answer my third problem.