Today is my last day at Microsoft


And this is likely to be the last post I make to this blog. By the time you read this I will have likely handed in my card key and celebrated with the great people I’ve worked with over the last 7 years.

One of the key values that Microsoft instills in teams is an entrepreneurial spirit.  I’ve also never experienced full time employment outside of this walled garden. Tomorrow, Tuesday, the 26th I'll be joining the leadership team at Telligent Systems to run a new team focused on the managed platforms experiences.

I'll be based in the Seattle area and the developer community won’t be rid of me either. I’m looking forward to experiencing life on the other side of the fence and helping to grow the great communities on the Asp.Net,,, and family of sites.

Over the last seven years I've learned so much from everyone at Microsoft, and along the way I've had a chance to work on lots of cool projects including delivering tools for CS students and teachers, writing IDE automation libraries, opening new community channels for our developers, and helping to change the way Microsoft works with, supports, and engages customers on a daily basis. As a customer and shareholder I hope that Microsoft continues to push the envelope of corporate transparency and customer engagement as a strategic advantage for the core platforms.

I'll miss the teams I've been a part of the most.  What's hardest to communicate to customers and interview candidates is how every team here has its own culture, sparks of innovation, and unique collection of individuals who care deeply about shipping great software and pushing each other to succeed. 

If you'd like to keep up with my new adventures, the Internet offers you several solutions. If we’ve met you can look me up on the ever so trendy Facebook, subscribe to my blog on (I promise to post more than recipes :-) ) or send some old school e-mail to Thanks for all the commentary and great feedback I’ve received from you all on this blog and I hope you give me the same BS detection and rowdiness wherever I engage in the future.

If you read this before 6pm Monday, the 25th, and you are in the Redmond area I'll be hanging out at the Workshop Tavern in Redmond (7541 Leary Way NE).