VB Commenter 1.1.1 Released to the Wild

If you haven't seen them you should check out the PowerToys projects for Visual Studio that my team created a while back.  I've been impressed with the level of involvement and support from the VS community for these tools.

Anyway, tonight I decided to do some coding.  Since devs around here are fixing the piles of Whidbey bugs my testers have logged I figured I could fix some for the VB Commenter project.  Here are some of the bigger fixes now included:

• International Chars in comments now supported and we use the default system encoding instead of just UTF-8. 
• Fixed the problem with class attributes and line continuations. <Attribute> _ will now work
• <Include> tag now supports absolute as well as relative paths
• The withevents keyword was giving us problems. It no longer does.
• No longer problems with people who decide to name variables “namespaceXXX”
• Command line builds should now work!

Next I’m going to spend some time working in the VSCMDShell project and move it along to a usable beta.  Want to help? :-)