VSCmdShell Addin Hits v0.8 and has a VS 2005 Version!

My app building yielded the v0.8 version of the VSCmdShell Window add-in. If you haven't been reading my blog your wondering what the hell this thing is so... The VSCmdShell Window is a tool window for Visual Studio that creates an instance of the cmd.exe shell running inside the IDE. It also allows you (as of this release) to run Visual Studio commands from your current directory. Check out the screen-shots below for more details and send me any feedback you might have. 

Click here to download (VS2005 or VS 2003)

UPDATE: The source-code has been released. Check out this post for more details: http://blogs.msdn.com/jledgard/archive/2004/07/12/181098.aspx 

Open it through the Tools menu.

Run DOS Commands

Run Visual Studio commands by using “!”

Also use TAB completion