VSCmdShell Makes an "Ultimate VS AddIns" List and VBCommentor News

Scott Hanselman created his list of "Ultimate Visual Studio .Net AddIns".  I was flattered to see the VSCmdShell project make the list even in its current unfinished state.

"VSCmdShell - Open a Command Prompt within a Visual Studio.NET 2003 Docked Toolbox Window!"

In other news... Thanks to Harold to grabbing the the latest source code from the VBCommentor workspace. I estimate about a week of fixing up for a decent release.  I'll call it 1.2 and it will probably be the last release I play much of a role in.  Most of the functionality provided by the VBCommentor tool comes out of the box in VS 2005,  it's a fairly complete tool already, and I want to spend any of my coding time on the VSCmdShell project in order to get it to a state I can be really proud of.